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Itchin' for a good time with a good band?  Wanna Party?  Wanna Dance?  Just sit back and hold yer lighters up to some cool classic rock tunes?  Check us out here, then come check us out when we're playing somewhere near you!


***** A Special Thank You to all that voted for us in the WISN's A-List as a Milwaukee area Best Cover Band for 2013 *****.




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     *** Warning - Itch fans, risk the loss of their voices and laughing profusely with the band during an Itchy show.  If you have health problems or have not seen your doctor recently, the Itch claims no liability if you hurt yourself laughing, singing, or having an extremely good time! ***


the Itch plays upbeat, danceable rock songs from the 70's thru today's Pop and Dance songs.  Featuring 4 guys and a lovely lady with 100's of shows behind us, the Itch is really really experienced and ready for any stage!   If you wanna hear us, go to the Itch songs and demo tab to listen to some of our demo songs, updated with some raw live cuts.   Live Video clips are now available!.

Be sure to volunteer your talents with us.  Join us on stage, get your most embarrassing pictures taken and posted on our website.  So come on out, Shake off a few calories, have a few laughs, and have a night to remember.  You might even get your mugshot on the home page of itchband.com!


Come join us at an Itchy show soon - we promise to work hard to make your time with us a great experience!